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A new Web Application has been developed using:
Any-Screen HTML5 Client/Server Technology.
Launch the application from the link below.
For Searchers and Appraisers, click the Blue Start Button next to "STWAppAS".
For Clients / Banks click the Blue Start Button next to "STWClientsAS".

To use our Web Application, click on the links below.

Due to update, Launch Web Application and click on the GEAR.
Under BASIC SETTINGS turn OFF the following:

1. List box Scroll-Helpers
2. List Resize Only on Header

For Clients / Banks / Searchers and Appraisers
Launch Web Application Here

NOTE: To enable RIGHT-CLICK COPY and PASTE or Customize your Sessions
CLICK HERE for Directions.


NOTE: TLS (1.0 and1.1) are not supported.

Protocols used are TLS 1.2 and HSTS (Strict-Transport-Security)

Ports required open are:
443 and 8443.

Port 8443 is used to run and communicate with the portal. Port 443 is used to Open/Download documents within the portal.

Depending on your browser and network settings, some clients
may experience a slower connection using SSL Encryption.





475 High Mountain Road, Suite 4
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